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Master Your Makeup Skills with Our 'Learn Your Own Face' Makeup Lessons in 2024

Are you looking to brush up on your makeup skills or wanting to learn more about something in particular? My makeup lessons are for you to do just that by making use my knowledge and skills.

What will this include:

A Personalised Learning Experience -

2 - 2.5 hours of a makeup lesson specifically tailored to what you are looking to learn. Whether you are looking to master a smokey eye, learn to apply foundation flawlessly or achieve an everyday makeup look, the lessons can be tailored to you.

Hands-on Instruction -

You will get a step-by-step walk through of application on one side of the face with you replicating the steps on the other side. Guidance will be given throughout and as many questions can be asked as you wish (i'm an open book!).

Detailed Written Instructions -

After the lesson has taken place, you will receive written step-by-step instructions of what you have learnt which will be sent via email.

Access to Professional Products -

Whilst we will be going through your personal makeup collection, you will also receive full access to my professional kit for you to try out products and brands you haven't before.

Product Recommendations and Discounts -

Along with your written instructions, I will provide you with a complete list of the products used during your session. But that's not all! We'll also include exclusive discount codes and links to help you acquire these products at a special rate, so you can build your own makeup kit with confidence.

Register your interest via our website As soon as our 'Learn Your Own Face' makeup lessons go live, we will be in touch!

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