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My Top 6 Favourite Photographers

In absolutely no particular order, we have outlined our favourite photographers that we have either had the pleasure of working alongside or just LOVE on Instagram. Here are our top 6 favourite photographers!

Makeup Artist with Bride
#1 Amy Rose Photography

Amy was actually amazing and helped me when I was first starting out in my bridal makeup business. She was local to me and I thought I'd shoot my shot and ask her if she'd be willing to help me out and she said yes! Throughout 5 years in makeup, I only ever worked with her once and that was recently in 2022 for a very boho-themed wedding at Alcott Farm. She's got the most chilled and down-to-earth approach to photography and everybody just feels so comfortable in front of her camera. If my sister hadn't gotten married abroad, Amy would have definitely been her photographer! She did my brother-in-law and sisters engagement shoot.

Just married couple

#2 Abi Lauren Photo

I think I have briefly spoken to Abi on social media but honestly her photographs are so timeless, elegant and just stunning.

Bridal makeup application

#3 Thomas Barstow Photography

SMOKE BOMBS, need I say more?! Thomas loves a good smoke bomb photo and I can definitely see why. He is perfect for capturing natural wedding day moments.

Colourful bouquet

#4 Alt Wedding

Another that I follow on Instagram on my Makeup account! Their business name sums it all up to be honest and perfect for the alternative and quirky couples.

Wedding sign

#5 Phil Brown Photography

Worked with Phil at a 2022 wedding and his Instagram bio sums it up - natural and relaxed coverage.

Artist applying lipstick
#6 The Vedrines

I mean...they have been featured in Vogue, need I say more? I worked alongside Tina in 2022 at Curradine Barns and she was just perfect and so chilled (which is what you need on your wedding morning!). She has photographed a lot of well-known Youtubers weddings which you can see on her Instagram. Bittersweet memory from the wedding we did together but it needs to be mentioned. I could smell burning in the room we were in and then I shouted to Tina to tell her that her hair had gone up in flames from a candle she was unfortunately leaning in - YEP, you read that right. Her hair went up in flames. After a brief panic, she literally took it like a champ.


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