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Spray Tans and Wedding Makeup: An MUA's Opinion


Alot of my brides opt to have spray tans before their big day to give them a sunkissed look. With the right preparation, trying it out beforehand and going to somebody that really knows their stuff, you're good to go and they really do look beautiful!

I'm not a spray tan enthusiast myself, I've done too many pantomimes as a child so orange spray tans during secondary school has scarred me (only joking...kind of). But lets be realistic, spray tans have come a long way since 2009. I'm a good old self-tanner whenever I want to feel a bit more "oo la la". So if you're a tanning connoisseur, stick with your original routine as you've most likely already established a routine that suits you.

Your spray tan shouldn't be a one-size fits all shade, so when you go for your tan, make sure to really talk about what you are wanting to achieve from the tan with the professional. Tans that give you a naturally radiant glow can pair beautifully with your wedding dress, especially when it works well with your skin tone. Please don't think that cheaper is necessarily better.

1. Should I have a trial run?

Absolutely! I can't recommend this enough. I would trial it at least one month before your wedding day so that you can see how it lasts, works with your skin type and tone, and if you like it!

There have been times after a makeup trial where I have recommended that the Bride gets her body tanned but not her face. Some face tans can appear patchy and whilst we can cover things, its hard to cover blotchy and uneven tan.

Pro tip: Get your tan at least two days before your wedding makeup trial. This will help you and your makeup artist know how it pairs with the makeup application.

2. When should I have my tan for the wedding day?

It is recommended that you have your spray tan at least two days before your wedding day. Obviously you will need to follow the directions from the spray tanner however this will give the tan enough time to develop and rinse off to your ideal shade. Not only that, but you can even it out using techniques if it doesn't turn out exactly the same from your trial.

3. I don't know whether to tan or not! Help!

If having more of a glow on your special day makes you feel confident and beautiful, do it! On the other hand, tanning isn't for everyone and you shouldn't feel pressured into getting one because your friend did.

Post-spray tan tips to keep your tan fresh leading up to, and for days after, the wedding:
  • Avoid moisture such as sweating and showering for at least 4-5 hours after your spray tan.

  • Take a cooler shower than you usually would as hot water strips your tan off quickly and if you want to make your spray tan last for your wedding and beyond, you need to take care of it.

  • Avoid exfoliating. Avoid harsh scrubbing, hot water, drying soaps, and other chemicals.

  • Moisturise your body with an oil-free moisturiser after day 4 to keep your tan looking fresh and radiant.

  • Wear loose clothing straight after your spray tan! Don't forget your flip flops!

Would you have a spray tan for your wedding?

  • Yes!

  • No

  • Considering it!



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