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When Should I Book My Trial?

I recommend booking your bridal makeup trial in as soon as you have gotten 'the dress' .

Trials take place 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Why? Because by this point, you will have planned the main parts of your wedding and decided on colour themes, how you want your hair etc.

I do not recommend booking a trial months and months in advance as your ideas may change. Elements of your wedding such as the venue, bouquets and dress will be some of the key aspects we use when designing your bridal makeup look.

Your skin 6-8 weeks before your wedding should be in the best condition that it can be and it will be very similar to how it is on your wedding day. Full coverage makeup may be something that you feel you need to cover up your skin concerns, but this may not be the case months or even years in advance - this is totally a personal preference.

Things change! At the moment, winged eyeliner might be your favourite but closer to your wedding day, it might not. You might do something such as change your hairstyle or colour.

Just remember that during this crazy time, a lot of 2020 and 2021 brides have had to postpone their weddings to a later date making our bridal diaries limited for certain dates. All brides are contacted closer to their trial dates and are re-scheduled should we need to due to the current situation. If you do have dates in mind, I recommend speaking with your chosen makeup artist sooner rather than later.

6-8 weeks really is the ideal time to have your makeup trial with your chosen makeup artist. This gives your plan-filled mind time to rest before the big day. Remember to really do your research on your artist by looking at their portfolio, social media and website. This person is going to be with you on an extremely important day to you so you must feel comfortable with them.


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