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How long does makeup take on the morning of your wedding?

This is a question that I hear a lot of brides ask! The trial is there for all of the makeup decisions to be made. It is there for me as a makeup artist to work with the bride and for us to discuss colour themes, your ideal makeup, your dress etc etc. As well as designing your perfect bridal look, the trial is also the chance for me to get to know you as an individual, so its best to take our time on this part. The answer is that your makeup on the day of your wedding will take nowhere near the amount of time it took at your trial. We will have all of the products used in detail jotted down on your face chart and plenty of photographs will be taken at your trial so that I will be able to recreate your look with ease.

Trust me, there will most likely be distractions on the morning of your wedding. The florist will deliver your bouquets, your partner will send a gift, the venue will have updates for you and your photographer will be there to ensure that they get the best pictures for your wedding album. That being said, I like to allow up to 60 minutes for the bride, however this is usually too much time - i'd rather allow for more time than too little time!

For your bridal party, I like to allow 45 minutes. If your bridesmaids or mother of the bride / groom did not have a trial, we will have discussed a plan at your trial in advance such as colour themes for your bridal party. This makes it easier for me to personalise a look for each of your bridesmaids. If one bridesmaid likes their eyeliner, we will add this in. If another doesn't like a lot of highlighter, we will tone it down a notch so that they are comfortable. Whilst it is important for everybody to feel like themselves, remember that the final say will be the brides.

Two weeks prior to your wedding date, I will send you a schedule with timings for my arrival and when each bridal party member will be needed for makeup. This schedule will include time for me to set up, cleaning my kit in-between each person and when I will pack my kit up to leave.

The morning of your wedding is such an exciting part of your special day, so it is important to get the timings right so that you can enjoy it!


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