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Your Ultimate Beauty Bay Black Friday Guide: My Top 10 Finds

As it is nearly Black Friday, Beauty Bay has launced some MAJOR sales on their website.

I know how stressful it can be trying to find Christmas gifts, or even scrolling through a sale not necessarily knowing what you are looking for.

I have took it upon myself to find the best deals and items that I think are worthy of adding to your basket this Black Friday! In this post, you will find 20 skincare, haircare and makeup products I love.

1. By BEAUTY BAY x8 Palette Vault

NOW £80.00 | Was £200.00

This set literally has a palette for every occasion and mood. Neutrals, colours, warm-tones, cool-tones, you name it. This offer of £80.00 means that you get each 42-pan palette for £10.00 - thats pretty impressive. From experience of owning Beauty Bay palettes, I can vouch for the pigments being amazing.


2. OLAPLEX Strong Days Ahead Hair Kit

NOW £38.25 | Was £51.00

3. Limited Edition Haircare Heroes


Now £36.00 | WAS £40.00

There are some amazing bits in this kit such as hair oils, treatments, conditioners and even vitamins. I can also tell you from personal experience that the Hairburst gummies 100% worked for me!

This set would be amazing as a gift, a treat to yourself OR why not gift a few and keep a few?!


4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (various flavours)

Now £14.25 | WAS £19.00

THE BEST lip mask. This isn't just for sleeping by the way, I use this on my clients for skin prep.

5. Made By Mitchell Blursh & Bronze Bundle


Now £29.35 | WAS £98.00

I'd highly recommend this for makeup artists and blush lovers.

What you get:

  • Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Blusher in Peach Sugar

  • Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Blusher in Sweet Cheeks

  • Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Blusher in Posy Rosey

  • Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Bronzed Liquid Bronzer in Hollo There

  • Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Bronzed Liquid Bronzer in Toned Up

  • Made By Mitchell Blursh Liquid Bronzed Liquid Bronzer in Shady Business

  • Made By Mitchell Blending Sponge


6. E.L.F Cosmetics Halo Glow Liquid Filter

Now £12.10 | WAS £12.00

Charlotte Tilbury dupe anybody?

I swear by this in my own personal makeup kit! The only difference between this one and the CT one is that the E.L.F runs more warm in colour.

I have shade 1 in E.L.F and I only tend to wear that shade if I have a tan or wearing fake tan.


7. Jelly Lip Oil Duo

Now £9.00 | WAS £12.10

TikTok really brought lip oils back to life. These are the By BeautyBay range!


8. Revolution Pro Glossy Plump Oil

Now £7.00 | WAS £5.60

Another yummy lip oil.

9. Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Now £7.50 | WAS £10.00

This one in particular is waterproof black however they also do it in regular black.

I use this mascara on nearly every makeup client that I have and also have one for myself.


10. Glow For It Lash Growth Serum

Now £24.00 | WAS £30.00

Tried and tested by yours truly...but then I fell out of my routine. It's so good.


11. UD All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Now £28.00 | WAS £21.00

The only setting spray I use regliously in my kit.


12. Pink Honey Bronzing Face Frosting

Now £14.85 | WAS £16.50

Another seriously popular product. I need to try these but they look so so good. These are cream contours which get applied before powders.


13. ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner

Now £10.20 | WAS £12.00

The best brush cleaner. This onehas a dip tray to clean your brushes in but if you are a makeup artist, I recommend getting the spray top one!


14. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Now £13.85 | WAS £19.95

A great moisturiser that also acts as a primer before makeup.


15. Made By Mitchell All Smudge No Budge Liner

Now £6.95 | WAS £10.00

I'm yet to try this but it looks amazing. Definitely picking some of these up in the sale!


16. UD Moondust Eyeshadow

Now £14.95 | WAS £20.00

Everybody is raving about this sparkly goodness at the moment. Especially the 'Space Cowboy' shade. I'd pick it up before its sold out!


17. BPerfect Chroma Foundation Matte

Now £15.95 | WAS £19.95

I tried this out on a client that brought her own foundation as she swore by it for her oily skin type. I can confirm it really does sit nicely on oily skin. They also have a luminous finish one (not for oily skin types).

18. The Ordinary The Most-Loved Set

Now £8.20 | WAS £11.00

  • Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

  • Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B%

  • Caffeine Solution 5%


19. ABH Dipbrow Pomade

Now £13.25 | WAS £19.00

I have these in my kit. Perfect for those wanting a more defined brow OR for created individual brow strokes.


20. Trigwell Cosmetics Velvet Powder Puff

Now £10.50 | WAS £15.00

Ohhhhh these are incredible. They set the undereye and makeup in general so beautifully.

I hope you found this helpful and that you enjoy any Black Friday shopping that you do!

These links as affiliated meaning that I get a small commission when you purchase through the links. As always, I am so grateful for your support! xx

Lots of love,


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