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4 Reasons to Book an MUA

Lets be honest, if you are not confident in applying your own makeup, especially for your big day, then that should be one good reason to consider booking a professional makeup artist.

1. Stress free

You want to be able to relax on your special day and enjoy the memories you are creating with your bridal party. This is so important. Wedding suppliers are hired to take the slack off the couple and provide the services they are there to offer.

Makeup Artists usually create a time schedule that they can work from on the day which indicates when each party member is needed for makeup, taking into consideration of cleaning time, as well as setting up and packing away. I always make sure to send this over to the Bride beforehand to make sure that they are happy with the times. Makeup Artists and Hairstylists are more than happy to speak with eachother when it comes to timings to help prevent clashes with their schedules - leave this to them, its one less thing for you to organise!

The artist you hire will hopefully have had alot of wedding experience over the years which will be really helpful. Those that have will know when different things should start happening (e.g. taking flowers out of their water, getting in your dresses, when it is likely the registrar will want you ready by), so we are there to guide you and to help you enjoy your morning.

2. Knowledge of application techniques and products to use

Our kits are made up of products that we have trialed, tested and worked with over and over again. We will have removed any products that we felt that didn't work well or we didn't get on with before using it again. Basically, we only use the best of the best.

After having your trial, you should be confident that you will love the replication of your wedding makeup on your big day. Any concerns or changes that you want need to be communicated with your artist so that they can ensure that everything will be perfect for you on the day for both you, and your bridal party. All products and details of your trial will be noted down at the end so that we can easily recreate your look on the day.

3. Photos that will last a lifetime

You have more than likely booked a professional photographer for your wedding so it would only make sense to have a makeup artist to ensure that your makeup looks photo-ready and picture-perfect. You will be looking back at these photos for many years to come and a regret of not hiring a makeup artist to pair with your hair being done, will only haunt you.

Did you know that I like to video details of your special day and create a highlights video for you to have and look back on? It's definitely not professional but sometimes we capture bits that may not have been seen by you. My personal favourite? The bridal reveal with the Dad or bridal party. Makes me all emosh.

4. Additional help where available

Its all hands on deck on a wedding morning and everybody has a role to play. Personally, myself and my assistant, Julie, have had to do a fair few dresses up, paint some nails, start tidying the room so that you don't have to come back to a mess, babysit, you name it. We're not kidding. Need a prosecco pouring? A pair of scissors or tweezers? We've got you.


I really hope that this helps answer any questions or thoughts that you have been having about booking a professional bridal makeup artist. If you ever have any additional questions, please get in touch - its what I'm here for. I've got you.

Lots of love,




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