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How to choose a Bridal Makeup Artist

Why it is important to choose the right Bridal Makeup Artist for you.

Choosing a makeup artist for your special day is extremely important for a number of reasons. Keep reading to understand why...


1. Choose the artist that aligns most with your style and preferences

You are either already used to a lot of makeup, a minimal amount, or no makeup at all. This plays a big factor in choosing an artist as every artist has their own unique style. You may scroll on instagram or Pinterest and see that there are a lot of bolder and heavier makeup styles - these may look stunning, but is it really true to your style? Not only that, but would you feel comfortable in the amount of makeup that person in the picture is wearing? If yes, do some more research on this artist, scroll through their work, their testimonials and ask questions.

If these styles don't resonate to you, keep looking and don't feel bad about it! Let's be honest, there are clients that approach me wanting a different style of makeup to what I usually do, which I can 100% do, but I'm probably not their ideal artist, and honestly, they're probably not mine because our visions do not align. AND THAT'S OK.

2. Read their testimonials

Google is your friend. Check out all of the profiles that show on google - to name a few: Instagram, Hitched, WeddingWire, Facebook, Google itself.

3. Get in touch with them early

Makeup artists and hairstylists are usually the last things that a bride wants to tick off a list but we all get booked up really quickly especially weekends and between April to September (busy bridal season). To avoid disappointment, get in touch with your preferred suppliers as soon as possible.

4. Trust your instincts

You want to feel completely comfortable with your makeup artist and trust them. They will be with you for nearly all of the morning of your wedding day, so this is important. You need to be 100% at ease and be happy with the bridal makeup look that you design together at your trial. Remember, changes that you want made from your trial are not a bad thing, and your artist should be happy to make them. Make sure to discuss this in depth!

5. Make sure you are happy after your trial

Bring inspiration photos - the best kind are

the ones saved directly from that artists instagram/Facebook page. Sometimes you may want changes to your makeup looks and are usually easy fixes that can be done on the day such as: darker eyeshadow, more shimmer, less blush etc. If they are bigger changes or something you can't envision, maybe think about another trial with that artist. Skin gone little oily after your trial? Let your artist know! We want to make it perfect.

Things to consider
  1. Do they travel? If so, is this for the trial and on the day?

  2. What brands do they use?

  3. Make sure to read your t&cs.

  4. How does your makeup hold? Give them in-depth feedback so they can make the right changes if needs be such as a different powder or primer.

  5. If you are highly sensitive to certain products and ingredients, let your artist know beforehand so they can do a check on products in their kit. They will ask again at the trial but need to know if it is anything more than a slight sensitivity.

What's my makeup style?

Soft, glowy and enhancing makeup. Perfect for those who don't wear a lot of makeup and for those who want a soft glam bridal look.

If this sounds like something you are looking for on your special day, please get in touch as I'd love to talk makeup with you!

Lots of love,



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