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Increase Your Confidence With Makeup Lessons

Are you looking to brush up on your makeup skills or wanting to learn more about something in particular? My makeup lessons are for you to do just that by making use my knowledge and skills.


NEW TO 2024: 'Learn Your Own Face 1-1 Makeup Lessons!

Tailored Learning -

Up to two hours of a personalised lesson focused on exactly what you want to learn. Whether you're looking to enhance your makeup skills, boost your confidence, master a new makeup look, or discover the perfect colours that complement your unique features, this session is just for you.

Hands-On Guidance -

Step-by-step walk-through of the application on one side of your face, with you replicating the steps on the other side. I'll be there to guide you throughout the process, ensuring you grasp each technique and master the art of self-application.

Comprehensive Instructions -

After our session, receive a detailed, written step-by-step guide summariaing everything you've learned. This resource will be sent to you via email, allowing you to revisit and practice your newfound skills at your own pace. You will also be able to write your own notes on the day.

A Look Into Your Personal Kit -

I will look through your personal makeup kit with you so that we can see what you already have available and anything you love to use. I can then advise you on what you may want to consider buying as well as using the products you already know and love.

Professional Kit Access -

Gain full access to my professional kit during the lesson. Experiment with a range of high-quality products and explore brands you may not have tried before. Discover the perfect products that suit your skin type, tone, and personal style.

Product Discounts -

Receive a complete list of products used during the lesson, along with discount codes and links.

Convenient Travel Options:

Local Convenience -

For those within a 15-mile radius of the DY5 postcode, enjoy travel at no additional cost. Experience the luxury of personalised makeup lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Extended Reach -

Should you reside beyond the initial radius, don't worry! I am happy to travel further, with a small additional charge of 0.45p per extra mile. Your quote will include any applicable travel costs, ensuring transparency and flexibility.

How to Book:

Booking your 'Learn Your Own Face 1-1' makeup lesson is simple. Reach out to me through, and we can get you booked in.

Also offering vouchers, perfect to gift somebody!


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