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The Wedding Industry Awards 2021

I have entered The Wedding Industry Awards 2021 in the Makeup Artist category.

You can nominate a supplier that you used for your wedding to show your appreciation or to let them know about it! If they then choose to enter, you can vote for the suppliers that enter TWIA 2021 that you used for your wedding.

Entrants will ask their past clients to vote for them via their unique voter URL. Regional shortlists are drawn up using voter data and judging panel input. Regional shortlists are then announced online.

Important Voting Information:

  • Only brides OR grooms whose weddings took place between 23.03.19 and 23.03.20 may vote for you in these Awards. ONE vote per couple and only AFTER their weddings have taken place.

  • A confirmation email is automatically sent out whenever a vote is placed successfully. Each voter will also receive an email from us confirming their successful vote.

  • Entrants will not be able to download or view your voter feedback (average scores and comments) until the end of the competition in January 2021.

If I have had the pleasure of doing your bridal makeup between 23.03.2019 and 23.03.2020, I would really appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to vote for Makeup By Mary. You can vote HERE or go to

I can't wait to get back to doing makeup in August (fingers crossed!). Thank you to all of my lovely brides in advance!


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