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Makeup Brushes For All Budgets

Makeup brushes play such a huge part in makeup application. Brushes have different bristles, angles and cuts to help target specific areas. That being said, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't break the rules and use them for something they are not designed for.

When starting out in makeup, you tend to buy the brushes that others have recommended. These may or may not become your favourite or most hated brushes that you use - its completely down to preference. As a Makeup Artist, I have tried my fair share of different makeup brush brands and have narrowed it down to my top 3. There are so many other brands that I would like to try but for now, I hope you enjoy reading about my 3 favourite budget-friendly makeup brush brands!


Budget Friendly -

Jessup Brushes

Prices range from £14.89 - £34.99

Jessup Brushes are a brand that sell on Amazon. The amount of brushes you get for the price is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The eye sets that they do for £14.89 (and various other prices) contain 15 brushes as seen in the picture (right). This specific set has blending brushes, angled brushes, a concealer brush, angled brush, you name it. I would be lying if I said I didn't have a couple of these brushes in my professional kit! My favourite from the eye set is the Luxe Crease Brush, which I think is a dupe for the ZOEVA 221 Luxe Crease Brush. The most expensive set that they sell is £34.99 and contains 25 face and eye brushes. I personally haven't tried these, but my sister uses them on a daily basis.

How do they wash?

They wash really well! The first few washes are absolutely fine, although I highly recommend that you condition them as you would your hair. From a Makeup Artist point of view, they can start to shed with the amount that you wash them. Another thing that I picked up was that with pigmented eyeshadows, they can stain and do not go back to their original colour - this does not mean that they are dirty, but as part of your professional kit, you may need to toss them in the bin (personal preference). Don't let this put you off though as they are good quality and budget friendly.


My Current Fav -

Peaches & Cream

What I love about Peaches brushes is that they are SO FLUFFY. They have brushes to help create a flawless base and eyeshadow brushes that can pretty much do the blending work for you (okay, not really). Peaches & Cream brushes are available to purchase on their own or they offer bundles (4 brushes for £15.00) or (10 brushes for £35.00).

Favourite Single Brushes?

How do they wash?

Like absolute perfection. So far, I have not had a brush shed a single bristle on me. The brushes seem to shape well once washed which is a win win.


Always In My Kit -


Morphe have so many brushes it's unreal. If you go into a Morphe store, guarantee that you will be looking at 100's of brushes. Morphe do a lot of collaborations with beauty influencers such as Jaclyn Hill (right), Jeffree Star and James Charles. They sell single brushes as well as sets.

I think that Morphe brushes are reasonably priced but can be on the higher end compared to the other brands that I have mentioned. The majority of the brushes in my professional kit are Morphe because I can't really fault them!

How do they wash?

One thing I will say is that they always seem to stay soft and fluffy. After using highly pigmented eyeshadows, I do find that they are more difficult to remove the stains - i'm talking bright pinks, blues, greens.


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