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Prepping For Healthy, Glowy Wedding Skin

Every bride wants their skin to be perfect for their wedding day. Whilst it may not be 'perfect' and you still have some concerns that you want to conceal, by following the steps in this blog post, I can assure you that your makeup will look and sit so much better than it would have if you hadn't followed a skincare routine. Your makeup artist will thank you for creating a lovely canvas to start from - trust me! Lets get into all about prepping for healthy, glowy wedding skin...

Caroline Hirons Skin Care

Start early

Create a skincare routine months in advance to your wedding day. This will allow enough time to get used to any new products and to address any skin issues you are currently experiencing.

Build a routine to follow & stay consistent

Cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate. Use products that are for your skin type (oily, sensitive, dry, combination). There are lots of treatments in forms of face masks and serums to suit any specific concerns you have. I highly recommend getting Caroline Hirons skincare book as it will completely BLOW YOUR MIND and give you so much knowledge and understanding on your skintype and how to look after it.

Get regular facials

I highly recommend going for a facial every month or every couple of months. Hydrafacials are amazing treatments, especially for the lead up to an event. Two places I recommend and have been to are: Esteem Cosmetic Clinic Ltd and Eighth & Eden.

Wedding morning skin prep

Drink plenty of water

Its super simple, DRINK THE WATER. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. It'll help give you clearer skin and stay hydrated.

Don't try anything new too close to the big day

If you are wanting to try something new such as skincare, facial, or a makeup product, do not do so if you are less than two months away. This includes going to a new place for eyebrow/lip waxing. Story time - years ago (when makeup artists weren't really a thing) my mom bought products from a makeup brand that were recommended to her and she was going to use them for the first time on her wedding day. She trialed them on her hen do and ended up needing to go on steroids. Honestly, don't risk it.

Apply an SPF daily

I recently got told off for not doing this regularly but applying an SPF daily (with and without the sun shining) can help prevent premature aging and sun damage.

I really hope that this helped and that you now have the motivation to kickstart your dreamy skincare journey.

Lots of love,

Makeup By Mary


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